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20th Anniversary Case Study: John O’Riordan

4th June 2019

John O’Riordan is the General Manager for InXpress Fortitude Valley based in Brisbane, Australia. When his University friends bought an InXpress franchise, it peaked his interest. Here’s his story…

I attended University with Sam Orders and Shaun Birley and took a keen interest in their launching of an InXpress franchise.  Even though I could see that it was tough early on for Sam and Shaun, there was an energy that was exuded by them in these early stages.  After keenly following their journey for a year, I finished University myself and took the plunge with my brother and started a franchise in Melbourne.

I’d just like to add, that if it wasn’t for the belief and support from my parents Jaqueline and Diarmuid, I would not have even had the opportunity to begin.  I imagine myself in their shoes now…A grubby student who had not had a haircut in two years, who had no business experience…convincing them that this was the right move…. Maybe I really was born for sales!

I had no idea about freight, even less of an idea to do with selling it!  I couldn’t even put on a suit properly when we first started. My brother and I, to keep costs down actually set up bunk beds in a unit in Melbourne and this was the sleeping arrangement for the first six months. 

I also remember my bank account balance was $13 the week I started which needed to last ten days. Too proud to ask for further loans, I bought a big bag of rice and two jars of sweet and sour sauce which to my surprise had a few carrots in them….Big win at the time!

Despite the early adversity, we pushed on and as I look back at what we have achieved five years later, I’m truly thankful for the InXpress community.  InXpress is about belief. The belief that my parents had in me, belief that I had in Sam and Shaun after seeing their journey and ultimately transferring this into a belief in myself. 

I’ve fostered friendships, had incredible experiences and learned invaluable lessons about business and about myself.  It has truly been an incredible journey.

20th Anniversary Case Study:  John O’Riordan