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A Disruptive Tech-Enabled Business Opportunity in Logistics

12th July 2019

Over the last 20 years, InXpress has developed a business opportunity in the logistics sector, which has enabled over 350 franchisees to realise their dream of business ownership. 

Since InXpress was founded, in 1999, we have always understood the importance of reliable shipping, if our customers are to build and retain a positive online reputation. The reputation of our customers is important to us, as ours is. This is why, over the last 20 years, we have developed technology to support the shipping process, positively disrupting the logistics sector. By understanding our customers and their needs, we have retained over 80% of our customers, across our network of 350 InXpress franchises.  

You don’t need experience to start your own InXpress franchise. We will train you with our online systems, and VIP customer service tools, both before you start and as you grow. And, as we have established strong relationships with trusted couriers, your customers can  choosedifferent carriers for different products, depending on their needs, and receive ONE invoice for multiple shipments. This leaves you free to focus on your sales, hit your goals and live the life you’ve always wanted.

How our tech-enabled business works for your customers

When customers are busy, the task of sending out parcels and packages can become an extra burden. At InXpress, we have developed a cutting-edge shipping platform – Webship – which enables effortless management of complex and tailored shipping requirements. Webship has a number of time-saving features, including:​

  • Bulk upload and quickly manage multiple orders ​
  •  Quickly compare carrier pricing to find the best service and price​
  • Integration with many leading online stores​
  • One easy-to-use platform which can be accessed via desktop, mobile or tablet​

How our tech-enabled business works for you

Not only do your customers get access to our industry-leading technology though. We also provide franchisees with an innovative platform to help you to easily manage your own business. Built on over 20 years of insight into what franchisees need for success, our easy-to-use software is packed with features, specific to support the growth of your business, including:

  • A backroom automated shipping platform allowing you to monitor customer shipments, as part of your VIP customer service. 
  • Franchisee business management program, supporting all elements of your own business performance, from your customer-base, to invoicing. 
  •  Franchise performance tool offering insight into your business performance.​
  • A simple and easy business reporting system.

Through our disruptive approach to the demands of the logistics sector, our 350 plus global network of franchisees typically enjoy business growth, exceeding the market average by four times. If you are interested in discovering how you can grow a profitable business, with this kind of return, click here to download our prospectus.